Bear in the Autumn Woods
Bear in the Autumn Woods

I'm inspired by my love of nature and color!

Welcome to Gail Shelley Art

I do Acrylic Landscape and Fantasy Landscape paintings. I paint on canvas, wood and panels and use quality paints and canvas. I sell original works and giclees. I can also have my paintings put on lamps, notebooks and other items. Check out my work on Fine Art America under Gail Shelley Art. Email me for details.

Trout in the River
Monadnock from Horatio Colony
Evergreens in Moonlight

Find my Art at Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene, NH and Rabbit Ridge Artisans Marketplace at the Summit Winery in Westmorland, NH. through December 11th.

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Acrylic Landscapes

I use Golden Open Paints for my Larger Landscape Paintings. The colors are beautiful and the paint goes on smooth. It also dries slower that regular acrylic paints. I use M. Graham & Co. for oils.

Tree of Life

Fantasy Landscapes

I paint natural landscapes but I also love to let my imagination take over and paint fantasy scenes also. I paint beautiful, peaceful places I would love to visit. I feel like these would be great places to meditate. 


I love bright and natural colors. I tend to add  more color to my scenes than nature might naturally provide. Many, though not all, of my scenes are of sunny days. 

Finish Glaze

I put at least two coats of varnish on my paintings. I use gloss, satin or matte depending on the piece.

Chris with Trout Painting

Chris From LumenMesh, Inc. Put some wonderful natural lighting in my Art Studio and I gave him this painting. 

I highly recommend LumenMesh if you need better lighting in your home. 

Local Business Recommendations

LumenMesh, Inc.

I recommend LumenMesh, Inc for your lighting needs. I added a light in my Art Room that simulates natural light but can be dimmed. I also have an app to control it with my phone in addition to the switch. They are located in Keene, NH.

Indian King Framing

Indian King is my favorite framing place! It's located at the Center of Keene. They provide guidance when choosing mats and frames and the finished product is beautiful and reasonably priced. Their turn around time is also great!

Soul Emporium

Soul and Shadow Emporium are great little shops in Keene that sell metaphysical items. They carry some of my fantasy paintings. They even have some originals! Go check out their fun stores!

Hannah Grimes Center

Hannah Grimes Center offers a range of free or low priced programs and coaching to guide Entrepreneurs in building their businesses. They are located in Keene, NH. Visit their website.

Hannah Grimes Marketplace

The Marketplace is a wonderful store and I'm not saying that just because I manage it! You can find amazing local gifts and they are increasing their Art Gallery. You will find a  variety of Artist's works there. Even a few of mine. 

New England Art Reproductions

Visit Michael's site on Facebook. He's communicated with me to get to know the look I want for my work and gives me options. He uses quality paper and canvas. He can make coasters, lamps, ornaments and numerous other items.  He also works through Indian King Framing in Keene, NH.